Frugal products

The tour offers an insight into various frugal devices, such as the Embrace Infant Warmer, the wireless handheld ultrasound system GE VScan and the Ottobock Shoulder exoskeleton.  

Frugal manufacturing systems

How can machines excel in Frugal Innovation? The tour presents frugal alternatives to huge, complex machines and dives into to examples of frugal human-machine interfaces (HMI).


Fraunhofer's Frugal Innovation team has done various projects with science and industry in the last two decades. The tour presents some of the current initiatives that show the teams's broad range of support with respect to topics and formats.


Fraunhofer's Next:Lab includes a creativity room, a maker space and a demonstration area. The creativity room was designed in line with frugal considerations.

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InnoFrugal Germany 2023