BSH Hackathon RoboPORT

"Robot, can you do my laundry?"


4. - 6. Dezember 2019 in München



18. November 2019 bei BSH



Hackathon at BSH Headquarter & Robotics Lab

Carl-Wery-Straße 34, 81739 Munich


Hackers, Coders, Makers, Creatives


Win latest tech devices and drones worth 500,- € (Goolsky Drohne SG906 GPS 4k, 2x Sphero BOLT App-Robot)

Get a BSH certificate for participation

Guided tours to Fraunhofer Robotics Lab & Center for Virtual Engineering in Stuttgart

Internships / Bachelor & Master thesis

Expand your network and make career relevant contacts


At BSH we ask ourselves „How can robots improve our daily lifes?”

In particular, could a robot help hang up the laundry? Hanging clothes is one of the least popular tasks in the laundry care process. „Can you do my laundry?“ - Is any robot hearing this call?

Together with you, we want to create solutions to further automate this process in a three day hackathon in our BSH Lab.

Choose from a variety of dev-kits, sensors, microcontrollers & gadgets and build prototypes for your concepts and ideas!


How can I participate? Registration via short email with your name and your course of study to

until the application deadline on 14th of November!

© Ludmilla Parsyak / Fraunhofer IAO